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Editing with Painted Skies & Light Leaks

skies and light leaks

Skies And Light Leaks

One my favorite collections to edit with is the Painted Skies & Light Leaks as it contains both sky and light overlays that can be blended together to give different looks. Below, you’ll see the “before” image along with three different skies and overlays used and how to best use the overlays. 

light leaks for photoshop

For the First Edit : 

  • Drag & Drop the Sky on Image
  • Place the sky just over the horizon line
  • Go to Your Layers Window
  • ( Window -> Layers ) 
  • Select the “Multiply” Blend Mode . . . By selecting the Multiply Blend Mode, it reduces the chance of a halo effect over tree line
  • Mask (or Erase) off the horizon line of sky overlay at a low opacity until it is blended well
  • Optional Step – If the background is blurred out on the image, a blur will need to be added to the Sky Layer to blend it well with the image. 
  • To Blur, select Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and select desired blurred amount.
photoshop skies

The Second Step – Adding the Light Overlays

  • Drag & Drop the Light Overlay of Choice
  • Make sure the Blend Mode is set the “Screen Mode” on the Light Overlay Layer 
  • Place the Light Overlay in the desired location on image. 
  • Optional Step – To change the size of the Light Overlay, select Edit -> Free Transform to resize. 
  • Mask (or erase) any edge lines from overlay if applicable. 

Below is an example of using two different light overlays together for a more dramatic effect. 

combining light overlays

Lastly, I add one more Light Overlay (Ring Lens Flare) from the Painted Skies & Light Leaks set as well. This overlay used the same steps as above: 

  • Screen Mode for the Layer Blend Mode
  • Resized and re-positioned overlay to blend with other Light Overlays. 
lens flare overlay

For this edit, I chose to go with a more moodier edit so I added aa clouded overlay from the set. Again, after I added the Sky, I  changed the Blend Mode to Multiply and masked (erased) off the subjects (blending in).

sky overlays

This last edit, I chose to go with an evening sky from the Painted Skies collection. I changed the placement of the Sunburst Overlay to the right side of the image and added one of the rays for a more pop of light. 

working with layers in photoshop

For a final touch, I adjusted the Curves to add some more contrast. 

curves in photoshop

The Final Edit. 

skies and light leaks

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it gives you more ideas on how to use the Painted Skies & Light Leaks Collection. 

If you are wanting a more in depth look at how to add a Sky to your images, be sure to check out this Adding Skies Blog post. 

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