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combining light overlays

Editing with Painted Skies & Light Leaks

Skies And Light Leaks One my favorite collections to edit with is the Painted Skies & Light Leaks as it contains both sky and light …

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How To Create Bright And Colorful Photo Edits

Does photo editing ever seem to take too much time? I love post processing, but I love my time just a bit more. I put …

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sky overlay

The Heart in the Sky

The Coolest Sky Overlay I have a free download heart sky overlay to share with you, but let me tell you the backstory first. My …

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4 Tips For Amazing Backlit Portraits

Backlit portraits are a favorite of mine as I have always been drawn to images with beautiful natural light. I have compiled a few tips …

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How to Install the NEW Presets in Lightroom

The NEW Presets With the older versions of Lightroom, presets were the LRTemplate files. Now presets are imported and exported as XMP files.  How to …

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How to Install Actions in Photoshop

What are Actions?  Actions are pre-recorded editing steps in Adobe Photoshop that are saved as a file and can be customized and ran on various …

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